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Jul 14, 2014
Hi everybody...

I broke down and bought a batch of out-of-state eggs... I had faith in the Seller, just about nil in the carrier. For good reason as it turned out.
One egg was broken pretty bad and I was afraid to do any real candling.
I am pretty positive that only the one egg's shell was compromised...and no 'yuck' really got on this egg, the small amount around the 'boo boos' was immediately sealed over with hot wax (also used sterile gloves and only handled it to set it and then to put it back in opposite end of other eggs in the carton... so here is my question....
Through my 'homework' before, during and after my original batch of beauties,
I saw a YouTube video where a woman showed an egg that was cracked '50 ways from Sunday' and she proceeded to wax the holes and cracks then put it in her ended with live chick 'popping' out of waxed egg.

Was told by a another Chickeneer that that wasn't a good idea, ITPO...

With the exception of bacteria, thus egg bomb, I can't think of another reason why not to give this egg a shot. I was telling someone the other day...this must be what they mean when they say "you are looking through beer googles" because I have been seeing through 'chicken googles' for a while now!
Opinions, obvious facts... the kind that I am too sleep deprived to see smack in the face ; /
Anything to keep my brain moving in the right direction will be greatly appreciated...

Thank you

PIC in next thread... I removed any unnecessary wax after pic before bator...
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Shipped eggs are really a risk because there is a risk of it being cracked like you said during mailing or that the bird eggs have troubleshooting developing. Why people probably tell you that it's not a good idea is that sometimes the chick isn't strong enought to break through the wax.

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