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    I set up several ads at different times all over the country. They pointed to my web cams in my incubator. All were placed in the Pets section. Said nothing but the links an Chickens hatching now.

    Chattanooga flagged an deleted it in minutes.

    Austin an L.A. they lasted about 2 hours.

    Atlanta, NYC an Detroit they were left alone.

    Detroit got 40 hits
    Atlanta 61
    Austin 7
    NYC 40
    Chatt 14
    LA 12
    For refrence my thread on BYC 81

    Not really useful info but interesting.

    Atlanta, Detroit an NYC had more hits because they were up longer but Atlanta at quite a bit more that the other two.
    Chattanooga, LA an Austin were all flagged off but Chattanooga was flagged of very fast an still had more hits than the other two.

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