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Mar 16, 2011
NE Texas
I just got home from picking this chain link dog kennel up. Found it on Craigslist for $30! I couldn't believe it. And only 20 miles from my house. It has a few places along the bottom where the chain link isn't attached very good anymore, but I planned to line the bottom with hardware cloth anyway so it does not effect it really. I can't wait to get the wire on and fashion some sort of top for it. I wish it was taller (it's only 4' tall) so I would not have to bend over to go in and out, but it is easy to pick up and move with two people so cleaning shouldn't be too hard. I think it should be roomy enough for 8 bantams right? I think its like 6' x 8'. Now I just need to make them a house.


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Hi, Awesome score on Craigslist. Did the same. Got 20, 10' wide x 6' high construction site fence barriers for $10.00 a piece. Thats 200' of quality run material for $200.oo dollars. Wow, I went nuts...called the guy, hooked up my trailer and ran 50 miles to get it. Here is what I did with it.

This is my run, used 6 of the panels I got to make a 20' x 24'run area. Still have bunches of sections left. Planning a Bantam run and house with some of the $200.00 bucks I ever spent. Good luck with your set up.
Fantastic!!! I need to keep an eye on CL for some run materials. We got our coop for free off there (oversized dog house we converted). I love CL!!

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