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So, I am going here on Saturday.

I plan on buying a large quantity of cranberries. I will make and can a big batch of cranberry sauce, but I would like some other yummy cranberry recipes. Preferably some that can be used as gifts for christmas.
Google recipes for cranberry glaze. It's great on meats, brush on near the end of cooking like BBQ sauce. It's great on chickien or pork.

Most are cooked down berries, brown sugar, lemon juice, and some add mustard and/or cloves. I like to make some up when the cranberries go on sale after thanksgiving.

I don't really have a recipe for mine, I just cook down the berries and brown sugar, about a 1/2 cup of brown sugar per pound of berries, and add lemon juice or apple juice and cloves to taste. I use a hand blender when they berries are well cooked, and I add some corn starch or arrow root if it needs thickening. It will keep a long time in the fridge. I've seen canning recipes for this, but I've never tried canning mine.
Well I cant pick them here so I buy the bags of fresh ones, I think they are about 12 ounces in a bag. Rinse berries in a colander, than empty a box of powdered sugar into a large ziplock. Pour still wet berries into sugar, close ziplock and shake bag until all the berries are fully covered with sugar. Then spread berries out on a cookie sheet and let sit over night . The sugar creates a hard shell on the berry. They are YUMMY snacks ! People that arent fond of cranberries seem to like these even . Yes the cranberries are raw.

Trivia: My friend got this recipe from Steven Tyler's ( Aerosmith singer mother in law. Apparently it is one of his favorites.

It's definitely a fav among my family and friends.....

I'm not sure how long you can store as they are always eaten within a day here.

Cranberry Orange Bread... Yummy.. I love it...
lol.png has a great recipe for it.

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