cream brabanters


8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
Danville PA
i got some really cool looking and beautiful bird this week at a sale i thought i would show everyone they were born in the spring. plus i was also wondering is there any way to tell if they are bantams or standards? they are cream brabanders they are a really neat looking bird going to start breeding them. also i have polish crosses 1 roo and 2 hens if anyone is interested.
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Very nice. Brabanters should be bearded so I would cull the non-bearded hen. Your only rooster seems to be non-bearded so you will have to breed with him and cull the non-bearded from there. Roosters should have a comb with 2 V-shaped horns so look for that as well when culling. They seem to have nice crests though which is a real plus.
They look more Gold than Cream.

If there is another project you can do, to make some Golden Spangled Spitzhaubens, the beardless ones can go into the Spitzhauben pen however the beards can pop up now and then. At any rate, cull as hard as you can with the polish mop head crests, beardless, not certain color or poorly spangled or laced patterns.

There is a Spitzhauben/Brabanter thread somewhere on here. There you will find numberous pictures on there that would give you a good example what the breed should look like.

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