Crippled chick?????

Chicken RN

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May 28, 2020
This little chick made 24 hours at 3 am. All day yesterday while left in incubator to dry he flopped around like a drunk sailer like the other chick that hatched shortly before it and like all the forums here said were normal. This am I now have them in small brooder with pine shavings so they have a clean area and I notice it isn’t hobbling well at all. When I took him out to put him on a smooth flat surface to assess he walk there is something going on with his left foot. I attached a photo. I can’t figure out how to attach the video of his walk. He extends the right but not the left. I can manually extend it slowly he does chirp when I do.


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Big Phil

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Jun 9, 2020
Not quite sure without seeing the video but i think we have had chicks with a similar problem?
My wife cut up a drinking straw about 3 to 4 cms long and then attaches the two legs together with the straw in the middle and a piece of elastic hairband to go around the feet. I will try to get it on a photo for you.

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