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Jan 7, 2009
Hi Everyone,
I would like to start a crochet a long doily project. There is no time limit. Go at your own pace. Please sign up by saying I'm in or yes so we know how many are interested. Please post your suggestion for a doily to make. Vintage please. I will give you a few links to choose from or if you already have a doily in mind please post it. crochet patterns free doily doilies pattern.htm

These books are all in .pdf format

Please post the link to the doily you would like to make then we will vote next Tuesday the 14th. I am so looking forward to this.
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I love a lot of the patterns in the second link!

These are some of my favorites:




Haven't crocheted a doily in years, sounds like fun. I will join, my preference would be for no doily w/o motifs. I will look at the links.

You might want to post a link to this thread on the crochet and other craft threads that get visited more.
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That site is publishing a lot of copyrighted patterns. I am not sure I want to go that way. I would not feel right about it. I have a lot of magic crochet magazines and they are still under copyright protection. It would be bad for this board as well. Please stick to the guidelines below. Vintage meaning before 1977.

Please use this for your guideline:
Works created 1978 or later -
After 1978 - A work is copyright protected from the moment it is created, whether a copyright notice appears on it or not. Most people place copyright notices on their works, as there are advantages to doing so. But don't assume that a work is in the public domain if there is no notice on it. Research carefully.
After 1978 - A work is in the public domain only if the creator places a notice on it that he/she is placing it in the public domain. If this notice isn't there, then assume that the work is under copyright protection.
On works created after January 1, 1978, copyright protection lasts for author's/designer's lifetime plus an additional 70 years after author's/designer's death.
this site says right on the front, "All of the crochet patterns that appear on this website have passed into the public domain. That means that these designs are no longer protected by copyright and you are free to do whatever you would like to do with them! Copy them, share them, make finished items from them and sell them - let your imagination run wild!"

Maybe have a look around there?

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