Crochet Granny Square SWAP ~ Fall 2011 (CLOSED!!!!)

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Crochet Granny Square Swap ~ Fall 2011
(Sign ups Open until Sun Sept. 4th)

Theme: Autumn ~ Think of the beautiful rich cozy colors like the soon to be leaves that will be falling from the trees.

Size: 6 " squares (6"x6")

Pattern: Any Pattern (As long as the finished square measures 6")

Yarn: 4 ply

Number: As many as there are participants in the swap!

Dates: LAST DAY to sign up is (Sun) September 4th, 2011!!

Completion Deadline: Nov. 4th, 2011 ~ All 6" Fall Granny Squares must be complete and ready to mail!!! That gives everyone 2 months to complete their squares.

New folks are encouraged to visit with us here in this thread and post and get to know us! We are always happy to have new friends here in the crochet club! We'd love to have you join the fun, join the swap or any other projects that we have going on!!!!

When you have finished your Fall Squares, send me a pm and I'll send you my address so that you can mail in your work!!

I ask that ALL squares be labeled with your user name & real name and placed in individual ziplock bags. In addition, you will need to send return postage!!

Mail the cheapest most efficient way that is easiest for you and I will return your squares the exact way you mailed them to me.

So dust off your hooks and whip up some cozy granny square patterns that will warm your hearts!!!!

2011 Fall Crochet SWAP Participants:

1. baustin
2 sets

2. bumblebee69 2 sets

3. ChickenSnake

4. elcunni75 2 sets

5. greenfamilyfarms

6. Lealonna 2 sets Pattern:
Set #1 ~ Red Heart (carrot & Fall) Set #2~ Red Heart (Green Camo & grey ?)

7. lindseymadora

8. Smitty's Farm 2 sets Pattern: (square # 34)
{Yarn ~ Lion Brand Yarn (Vanna's Choice) Mustard, Olive, Brick, Rust, Beige, Autumn Print, Honey}

9. SunnyDawn 2 sets Motif # 12 (half & half) and Motif # 118 ~ added an edge

10. MullersLaneFarm 2 sets

11. bhazell123 2 sets

12. Mimm2003 2 sets

13. jenjscott
2 sets Motif# 114 and Motif # 115

14. Bleenie 2 sets

15. Roccomanchickens

16. jc12551
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I thought it might be nice to have a visual reference for how the colors will look together, so I put this together.


using palettes from here

I included blue because usually in the Fall the sky is clear and brilliant.

I think it's nice to see all the varying shades of the colors too - like how the light tans will work, not just brown, and deep pinks and burgundy as well as red.
Lindsey~ Thank you very much for the visual reference!!!

Lealonna~ You can label them any way you want. I like to print my user name/name out and attach it by twine in the corner of my squares. It can be as simple as writing on the individual plastic bag that you will place your square before shipping.
My Goodness - what a Lovely visual, lindseymadora!!

Oh! I can't wait!!!!
Hooks away!!

Thank you, Smitty for putting this together!!
Good Morning SWAPPers~

You are so welcome Erin!!!!!

I'm so excited as well.

I hope this will inspire me to dig out those unfinished projects that need to be finished.

Sounds like everyone has their yarn & pattern picked and ready to go!
Woohooo!!! I need to get w/ the program!

Mmmmmm!!!! Coffee...good!!!! Taking a quick break before I have to walk the dogs. Can't wait to see everyone's work!!!
Thanks, Smitty's Farm, for answering my question. It makes a lot more sense now!

Lindsey and I both got our yarn yesterday
and started on our squares! I have 2 done so far and I love the way they are turning out!
You are so welcome!!!!
Woohooo... Yarn & 2 finished already!!!
Sounds like your fingers are flying!!!
Way to go!!! I can't wait to see them.
I still haven't decided on yarn color or pattern.

Here's a few pics of how I labeled them in the past:

I just print a sheet of these tags and tie them in the corner.

Here's a pic of a square from a past swap labeled and placed in sandwich bag ready to ship.

Here's another example how people have label and bagged them: They wrote their user name/name on the ziplock bag.

I just like them labeled so I know who made what square, b/c as soon as I get them I'm like a little kid opening a x-mas or B-day present and I rip the package open probably in the car at the mail box
Then as soon as I'm home in the house I lay them out and play w/ different patterns on how to put them together. In the past when amount of people signed up for a swap and they weren't labeled I had no idea of who made what. Just me!
I just think it's nice to know who made what!
Ok soo umm wat do ya do with the blocks lol I know dumb question and how many total would one need to make a blanket with them ??? Just wandering before I sign up lol hate to ruin it for everyone
We'd love to have you!!!!
Oh you can make soooo many things out of granny squares. The list is endless from cell phone holders, purses, messenger bags, back packs, vests, afghans, hats. Google it and you'll end up w/ many free project patterns.

SWAP: We make as many 6" squares (any pattern~ 4 ply~fall colors) as the number of participants that have signed up by the deadline. We'll know how many squares to make after the swap sign- up deadline which is listed in the first post along w/ all requirements.

You can make whatever project you want w/ your returned lovely swap squares! I have 3 bags full of them from past swaps that I will most likely join to make a hodgepodge BYC afghan.

Come join the fun!

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