Crop issues

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Jun 5, 2017
I have a hen with a large crop. I thought it may have been impacted and then sour, but I am truly not sure. She has had it for five days now and it has not gotten better. She has been contained the last three days with only a nibble of food today. Poor girl is starving. She is very energetic, wants to eat and be around the others.

NO foul smell
Size of large egg
Pliable and squishy
She burps and gurgles when I rub the crop
She also poops (small, little watery, but solid and brown)

I have tried ACV in water, olive oil syringe, cinnamon/baking soda/water concoction, no food except today (softened)

I am in need of advice since this is my first time with chickens. Any help or suggestions? Thank you!

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