crop problem??


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Mar 11, 2009
One of our speckled sussex pullets that is almost 2 months old has a very large growth thing on her right side of the chest area. Would this be a problem with the crop? It is large and soft/mushy and she is somewhat more lethargic than the others but fine otherwise. It has been like this for the last couple of days without anything changing. She is able to go out side and she is stilll eating and drinking. She does not appear to be in pain just looks uncomfortable.
I could use anyones help with what this is and what i should do
Yes, that's her crop--sounds like she either has impacted crop or sour crop. Use the search tool at the top and type in either of these names and you'll get LOTS of info...good luck!
Also, go to index, then FAQ, and scroll down for links to good threads about impacted/sour crops.

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