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If you use just your barred rock and Dominique... then all your chicks would be sex linked at hatch with males having a white spot on their head while females will be solid. Males will be barred as they mature.

Aside from that... he will pass his egg color to all his female offspring!

The majority of what you hatch will be black with some leakage. And if your rooster has feathered legs, so will most offspring. When bred to EE, most offspring get the beard and muffs. Color will depend on the base color of your EE... Mine throws mostly blue babies.. but her first generation offspring still put out closer to Marans color egg than Olive.

The grey Orp... is that light grey as in Lavender? Or dark grey as in Blue? If Lav it will breed as black. If blue you may get some blue offspring.

See if this toy is any help for you. The second drop down tab is in English..

FBCM have been my favorite rooster demeanor so far. :love

Happy hatching and adventuring! :pop :jumpy:jumpy


Aug 24, 2016
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Well, my Rusty has been my least favorite roo! Unforunately, he came at me one too many times and is no longer with us. :(:(We have only had him and a couple of EE roos. KungPao (pictured in my profile) lost his live fighting off a hawk. I currently have a young cockerel that I believe is a Black Orphington so I am hoping he will be nicer. I will most like try again with another FBCM roo as I would like to breed some but I've got to get the right hens first.


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