Crosses to make Satins

Agree cochin/silkie. All the offspring will have smooth feathering. If you want to emphasize the silkie features (but not the feathers) then breed the progeny together, 25% will have silkied feathers, but 75% will have smooth (satin) feathers. 😊
Okay. I figured cochinxSilkie would have better feathered legs, but worried about crests. The polishxsilkie would have better crests, but poorly feathered legs
My F1 silkie/Cochins had TERRIBLE crests. Honestly I’d be inclined to tell you to try silkie/polish first.
sorry to take over your post, but i’m curious about something. when you talk about crossing two breeds to make a certain thing, does it matter which the rooster is and which the hen is? like for a cochin/silkie, would the roo have to be cochin and silkie the hen? or does that not matter
Honestly I'm not sure. MY crosses will be made with silkie hens since I'm putting the silkies in with whatever breed (Cochin or polish) I decide will be best. I'll probably end up breeding the F1 hens to the other group any how, but I'm always up for shortcuts XD

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