Crossing Lavender Araucana roo with various- any advice?


9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
My Lavender Araucana chick looks like it's going to be a roo. So I'm thinking about trying to cross it with some of my hens. I have a white Orpington, and 2 Rhode Island red type hens (probably some sort of hybrid, they came from an egg farm). Also 3 stripey bantams (barred cockerel x silkie).
I'm wondering if crossing him with the reds would give me chickens that would lay lots of large blue eggs, and just wondering what crossing with the Orpington would produce.
Has anyone any thoughts on if this would work, or any pics if anyone has done these crosses before would be brilliant

Look forward to what you think...
i don't know about feather colours, but the eggs will probably be olive in colour. If you cross a blue egg layer with a roo from a brown layer strain then the offspring's eggs will be olive not blue.
Since the hens you have lay brown eggs chances are the offspring would lay green eggs of varying shades. They would be considered EEs. There are tons of them running around...I absolutely love mine!
One of the red hens lays brown eggs (tho she doesn't seem to be laying any eggs at all just now
) the other lays white ones. The orp lays a light tinted egg rather than brown.
Be interesting to see!
So if I want blue eggs I might try crossing with the white laying red hen.

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