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May 9, 2021
Hi everyone,
My brother found a crow that wasn’t moving on the side of the road and instead of leaving it he bought him home and put him in a cage with some food and water. He seems to have a broken leg and I put him out where he had more room but he didn’t move for three hours but he is still alive and he isn’t eating or drinking anything. We’re looking to drop him off somewhere like a bird or vet rehab centre to get him help but is there anything we can do until then?
They can make really cool companion animals if they're young. My uncle had one that could speak a few intelligible words.

I found an adult crow that had been shot through the wing. I tied on a tourniquet and amputated the damaged portion (struck right through the center of the "wrist", the "fingers" were amputated), used a file to round off the bone where the bullet had broken it, then sutured it up. I had to force feed it a mixture of wet cat food and heavy cream for a couple of days. It lived in our backyard, and its flock stayed with it for two weeks. When it became clear to the flock that this bird would never fly again, they left and never came back.

The crow lived in the backyard, stayed on the porch at night, ate dog food out of our dog's dishes, ate windfallen fruit off our trees and raided anything low enough to reach in the garden. It would pluck fur off our Goldie/Lab mix and run the terrier/corgi mix off his food bowl when dinner was served. Our dogs tolerated it as if it was another dog.

It never really was comfortable around people but would come take food out of your hand or steal off your plate if you weren't paying attention at the picnic table.

Two years it lived like that. One day, I came out and it was dead beneath its perch with no signs of trauma.

Fun while it lasted.

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