Crowing hen... really!


6 Years
May 30, 2016
I posted before the fire that one of the hens in my coop was starting to crow along with the roo. It was a lousy crow in comparison, but she was crowing. I heard it a few days in a row but she‘d only do it when in the coop ao I never saw who it was. Most of my eggs look the same so except for the Welsumers I can‘t really tell who’s laying what or who might not be laying at all. Now after the fire I have not heard the crowing hen anymore. Bizarre. I thought if it was a physical thing for the hen it wouldn’t just go away again. Or would a hen ever crow to assert her standing? The roo was relatively new and a year younger (still a cockerel, at 5-6 months). Just wondering...


Hi Bug
Feb 6, 2018
Usually hens start to crow once they stop laying, I think it is the result of some hormonal thing, maybe.... I have a young cockerel who also only crows inside the coop, he just started a few days ago. I'm not sure why he does it but I have not seen him crow while out in the run or out free ranging, just in the coop.

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