crunch!Pop! hate that sound.


9 Years
Jul 27, 2010
New Concord,Ohio
Just went out for afternoon feeding and gathering eggs from my lazy girls. Stepped over to the nest boxes and heard crunch, pop. This is new. They just started hiding eggs in the straw in front of the boxes. Stepped on one yesterday and again today. Guess I'm going to have to start sifting straw before I reach in the boxes. Darn Girls. They will keep my on my toes one way or another,
Well, at least the egg wasn't in your pocket. After 2 years, I managed one in my pocket the day before yesterday.
DH and I both belong to the pocket omelet club. This winter has been bad for that. We put the afternoon eggs in jacket pockets and forget they are there. yuck!
Wood eggs have saved us! The chickens lay where ever we put them! If one rolls out of the box they still lay right there with it! Might want to give it a try.
My nine year old son decided to help me gather eggs the other day. He came into the house a few minutes later crying. I asked him what happened and he said the he put an egg in his front pocket and bent over to get another egg and it cracked open in his pants pocket. He thought he was going to get in trouble for breaking an egg. I just cracked up laughing lol. Then he got mad at me for laughing. It was a funny ordeal.

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