Crushed rock instead of burying skirting?


Mar 31, 2020
Hello! We are very new to raising chickens and are almost finished with our setup. We want to add some skirting around the coop and run using 1/2in hardware cloth. Can we put 3/4in crushed rock on top of the skirting in order to skip burying the skirting? Are there any cons to doing this? Thank you!


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Gravel is forever.

That's the biggest con I know to any use of any kind of gravel. Once you put it down it's there for eternity and you will have problems with it long after you've changed the use of the space.

I don't know if gravel would deter digging predators or not, but it will mangle your lawnmower blades and cause you to have to use the weedwhacker in more places. Wire skirting can be mown over if it's well-pinned. 😕

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