Crusty eye on Cochen bantam


Mar 25, 2018
Hi. New to backyard chickens, but we have had a flock (currently 9 girls) for a few years. We have a bantam who has bare and slightly swollen looking ring around both of her eyes. I dont think this is normal molting, seems different and has been like this for a few weeks. might be more inflamed looking now though. We also noticed just now that she has a slight wheeze/cough occasionally. This wheeze is pretty subtle. My daughter only noticed it because she was holding this hen on her lap. i couldnt hear it without putting my ear near the bird's face. But i dont think this sounds normal. All the other hens look and are acting totally normally. Does anyone know if this sounds/looks like respiratory infection? really hoping not! picture of her eye attached
. thanks for any advice!

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