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    Sep 6, 2007
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    Went out to check on the hens and couldn't find one. Walked around the yard(1 acre) and found her standing under a bush. Her one eye was crusted shut and she sounded like she was sneezing. I'm in FL and it has been around 70 degrees for the last week, so I don't think it is from the change of temp.

    Any ideas?
  2. Laskaland

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    Aug 2, 2008

    So, does it look like she's been pecked at? Is she chilled?
    I would take her aside and watch her a bit. Keep her seperated just like as she did herself....
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    I would look into giving her some special timeout and give her a dose of Terramycin, it very well could be Coryza, mycoplasia S or M. Please take care of this, some may say to cull, but you need to ask yourself if its one of the above, do you want to keep her, some of these ailments are contagious- yet like me, eggs are for my own personal use so I don't mind keeping my 5 girls as these issues are contagious amoung wild birds and a matter of time before we all have it...but if you have a clean flock, keep it closed.
    Good luck and look up in the search part of this site. Good luck!!

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