Cuckoo Maran/Barred Rock ?


8 Years
May 6, 2011
What is the difference between these two? I'm asking because we have a BR hen that is almost 2 years old. I know she is a BR. I got a chick from McMurray last May that I've been calling a BR but I'm thinking she is not one now. She is MUCH darker and "someone" is laying VERY dark brown eggs out there. I can't figure out who it is, we have 17 birds.
She had the white spot on her head when she was a baby.

Also, we were supposed to get a "rare" bird from McMurray and the only bird that we got that was a rooster was a Partridge Cochin. We thought he was our "rare" bird but what is so rare about that?? Hmmmm
We also had 27 chicks in that order when should've had 25 plus one rare. I think the little roo was an oops in the box.

I'm wondering now if this hen was our RARE bird???

Actually she is the bird in my profile pic. She was still very young in the pic
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Here are two pics from this summer, she was still little then. I will have to get a recent pic


barred rock


biggest difference is their leg color marans are white while the rock is yellow also notice the color and patteren difference as well rock has more even bars while the marans are uneven
Doesn't look like my Barred Rock, other than that I can't say what she does look like. Maybe someone with one like her, her breed, will recognize her.

(I don't know if I have the terms right, but she looks more speckled than barred... if you get my meaning. And, what about the eye color, does that play into breed as well?)

Best of luck.. she's pretty.
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shes a barred rock for sure...can you post pics of your other chickens? the black wash down her legs when young indacated that she was a pullet(not always accurate though)
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Your girl looks like mine.

Both of my girls were from the Cuckoo Marans brooder at the feed store. The brooder was locked and only the employees could get them. They did not have any BR's when I was there.

This is Lucy. She has white legs. Unfortunately she died at 5 months and never laid an egg to see what color it was.

This is Lucy's sister, Phoebe. She had white legs until she was about 4 weeks old and they turned yellow. Her head and neck look like a BR but her body looks like a CM.

Phoebe lays the dark egg on the far right. So, what is she?
The main physical differences in hatchery barred rocks and cuckoo marans is this -

Marans have pink/white shanks, and white beaks.

Rocks have yellow, sometimes with black, shanks and yellow beaks (at least they should...).

OP, your girl is a barred rock. No doubt.
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Hatchery birds can definitely be sub-standard in quality - like CM having yellow skin, etc. Some barred rocks are very poorly barred and their offspring have even worse barring, leaving them *looking like* CM.

Not knowing what other birds you have, it's almost impossible to say who lays the dark egg. I'm inclined to say you have a very poor quality hatchery CM with yellow skin that lays darker eggs.
I'll take some pictures of my ladies asap. After I looked at the pictures of the very dark eggs, I realized her eggs are not that dark. Someone lays very brown, brown eggs but not that dark!
Phoebe's egg definitely looks like a CM egg. Wow, she's marked cool! What a pretty girl.
DJ's legs have always had that yellow with the dark stripe down the front. I have to look at them tomorrow and see if they have changed or not. I'll take pics too.
I'm sorry about Lucy, she looks just like DJ.

DJ is very much darker then Diamond (my BR) She does have more uneven marking too.

Thanks for your posts and telling me what I have. We've been calling her a BR all along. I just thought we may have been wrong. We love her either way and nothing will change. She has always jumped on our arms when she was a baby. She had to be UP as she is standing on the water tank in the picture. She was the first one to jump on the side of the box when they were in the house too. She's so cute.

We call her DJ aka Diamond Junior, named after Diamond, our Barred Rock.

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