Cuckoo Maran Chicks/ Barred Rock Chicks...HELP

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Jul 15, 2008
Because of space and safety issues, while I was brooding four Guinea Fowl keets; a friends of mine purchased from my farm store (I am the "Chicken Lady" at our store), some barred rock pullets, I also had Cuckoo Maran pullets which I badly wanted, but I was brooding guinea fowl keets at the time. So, she took her barred rocks as well as my cuckoo morans and brooded them together until I could take my chicks. I'm now ready for them but we are not 100% sure which are her barred rocks and which are my cuckoos. At nearly four weeks of age they look nearly identical, how do you tell the two apart??

Terri ~
Look at the bottom of their feet. Yellow is Plymouth Rock. White/pink is Marans.

Plymouth Rocks have yellow skin and legs. Marans White.

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