Culling a baby chick HELP!

Nov 25, 2010
I have one baby chick that was hatched about 4 days ago and he is on his side, has not been able to get up. Looks like wry neck. Neck is bent down to chest basically. Feet are not spread out. I have NEVER culled a chick before, and my husband says he just can't d
o it. Someone please tell me how to do this quickly (preferably with my eyes closed). Darn!
Sorry that won't work. You can just pop his head off it will be quick and painless but I did not want to suggest that at first or hit it in the head hard. Both these will work they are just a little more personal methods is all.
I use my meat cleaver, over kill I know but it is what I have. As sad as it is, culling a chick is easier for me as I am not as attached to them. I have a couple of hens that are going to need to go, and not looking forward to it.
I would set him outside in a sunny place with a little food and water. A hawk
or something will be happy to do what comes natural and I don't think he would
suffer much.

Some links to keep on hand.

I, myself, use cervical dislocation. I wouldn't use the method described in the first link because I do not deem it to be fast enough, but it is easiest for all involved. In the case of a small chick, a sharp pair of shears/tree limb loppers should work well. The second link is a comparative study on various methods of euthanasia. It is dry, but informative and good for future reference.

Sorry for what you have to do. Good luck.
I read this on another thread, so I have never tried it but I am going to cull a chick this way if I ever have to cull again. Get starter fluid (ether not charcoal starter) at an auto parts store, a rag and a sealable can (like a coffee can). Soak the rag in the fluid, put the rag in the can, put the chick in the can and seal it up. It does not suffocate the chick, it just overdoses the chick on an anesthetic. I culled the last time with kitchen scissors and I really didn't like doing it that way since the scissors should have been longer. Sorry you have to go through with this. It is not fun
Well, I did it. But I must have been punished. I was nursing another little chick (Splay Leg), and he was doing so good. Well today, I put him on the table like I have been to give him some water from a bottle cap so he wouldn't fall in it and drown (band aid on his feet). I sit right there so he don't fall. Right? Well what happens, He fell over, hit his head on the table and died. What a freakin' day.

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