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11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
My flock of banties & young layer chickens have Coccidia. The 'chicken lady' at the feed store highly recommended Terramycin to treat it, said shed used it before & it worked great for her. We did 5 days on, and 5 days off, just started the last 5 days on Saturday. they all seemed to do fine in the first 5 days off of it. as soon as we started for the last 5 days we lost one of out Australorps. no one else seems to be acting too sickly so far, but our newest hatch of babies i think might have it now also. i moved them inside, out of the coop & into a brooder. their butts look a little bit icky still. can i treat them also with the Terramycin in the jar waterer??

Also, has anyone else used this medicine to treat coccidia? does it work? we have already lost SO many chicks from this & don't want to lose anymore. Any help is appreciated.


Terramyacin is not for treating coccidia. Are you sure this is what they have? Do they have blood in their droppings? Do they have ruffled feathers?

Sulmet and other sulfa drugs are good to treat coccidia. Also another drug (Corrid (sp?)) I think. Sulmet should be easy to find at a farm store and the liguid kind is easy to administer in H2O.

I have had some birds though, that refuse to drink the water with sulmet in, and then I have to administer with a syringe with out a needle. Make sure they get just crumbles to eat, and when done with treatment give them a 5-7 day course of probiotics.
Had great luck with dairy products for coccidia. If you have any of these on hand try them mixed with your chick starter, powdered milk, cottage cheese or yogurt ( plain). For some reason wondered what the folks used before the current meds on the market and gave those a try. Found my free ranging ones do fine, so what ever mom has them picking up all day also seems to work.

I now always offer either cottage cheese or yogurt to my peeps. Give it a try till you find some thing else you like better.

I'd recommend Sulmet for 7-10 days and daily plain yogurt. I think people make the same mistake with antibiotics, whether they are treating their chickens or their children: They don't administer the full course...
Good luck with this!
I get so angry with feedstore personnel throwing Terramycin at people. Cocci is a protozoan, not a bacteria, and Terramycin is useless, for that and most diseases chickens get. Use Sulmet or Corid or the old fashioned milk products remedy, but never Terramycin.
Please read this link:

, above all things, never, ever consult feedstore personnel about a problem with your chickens. Seriously.

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