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Nov 24, 2009
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i'm looking for a chicken cross. i like the frizzle or sizzle and the silkie fluffiness. but the silkie seems a bit tipsy in photos. and i'd rather a chicken with feathers, rather than less feathering as with the frizzles. i'm thinking the cross i saw of Buff laced polish -X- Frizzle.

so i'm guessing it is this cross or a sizzle. but would like sizzle with lots of feathers on head. which would have bigger eggs is another question?

any thoughts?
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sorry, i made correction.

in short, i'm wondering if there is already an established breed or cross to get fluffy adult hens with fluffy heads like i saw on the for sale pages, i think listed by "raregretchen."

i'd like to make sure the cross or breed has a thicker coat (more feathers) than some of the ones i've seen in pictures.
Gretchen's birds, the buff-laced Polish, are just frizzled Polish. Not a cross. They have the same amount of feathers that a smooth Polish would, the feathers are, well, just frizzled--they just curl in the "wrong" direction. I think, if you like a bird with a crest but want hard feathers and a fluffy, soft bird, the frizzled Polish would be the way to go. Like I said, they have plenty of feathers. They are also super soft and extra cuddly.
And they are an established breed. Gretchen's birds are bantam Polish that meet the standard for bantam Polish, and they will breed true (well true to Polish standard--you want to breed smooth to frizzle, and then you get 50-50 smooth and frizzle. You don't want to breed frizzle to frizzle, two copies of the gene wrecks feather quality).
okay, now where do i get a batch? gretchen wants ~$98 for a dozen, including shipping. that is too much.

i've checked MPC and Meyer but i don't see that they carry a "frizzle Polish."

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