Current Feed Prices in GA. WOW is feed up or what. Coupons?


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Sep 21, 2008
WOW, I don't know about u folks but my feed bill continues to climb. The cheapest Layer crumbles I can find is $11.50 per 50lb bag (Madison, GA). It's not my prefered brand but that particular well known brand is $4 higher per bag. I have a few $1 off coupons for Layena that I will not use before they expire at the end of October. Anyone intrested PM me. What about you guys, feed prices? Tips on saving a few dollars would be appreciated.
Mine are able to free range all day so my feed bill is not that high - but your right about it continuing to climb. When I got my chicks at the first of March I could get a 50# bag for $8 and some change now it is close to $11. We also buy bread from the bread store. You can get a garbage bag full for next to nothing and we give it to the pigs, goats and chickens as a treat. We try to only get the wheat bread.
i live in hamilton ga; which i dont know how far that is from madison ga but i pay about 12 for a 50 pound bag of crumbles ... i let them free rang a few hours a day. so i go thru about a bag every three weeks
I am in the process of changing my feeding program. I have 50 standard chickens they have all the feed they want available to them 24/7, they can consume a 5 gal bucket/ or 25 lbs in a day. I have a friend who has 40 chickens and she said she feeds 1 big scoop twice a day, about 3lbs, and her birds are fat and heathly. I am thinking of cutting back on thier feed because I think they may be wasting feed. feed cost have risen considerably here in SW Ok, and I have been going through 800 lbs a month. Confused and frugal in Oklahoma.

Last month when I bought feed it was about $12 for a 50lb bag of Purina Flock Raiser. I love the Purina. I go through much less of it than the Country acres I was using before.
I see that too
We also raise cattle and the price hike in feed has almost doubled!!!!!!!!!!
We have to pass it on to the customer and we know that they won't like it! I kept all the receipts to prove the price hikes

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