Curse You TSC


9 Years
Jul 6, 2010
eastern New York
Had to run out and get dog food today. For SOME reason I drove right past the regular store and ended up at TSC, hum. Wouldn't you know it, they started have chicks yesterday. Of course my daughters and I left with the dog food and six new chicks.

We have nine adult chickens already and this will be our first experence with chicks. Really looking forward to it!!

In all the confusion, the store was pretty crowded, I did not ask an approximate age. We got three different 'breeds', but they all look about the same. They appear two have two layers of wing feathers and starting on tail feathers. Is two weeks old a good guess?

Not the best picture, cellphone.

Thank you for any help!

Yup, those guys are 3 or 4 days old. Hatcheries can only ship them as day olds becauce their yolk will hold them for 72 hours. Any older than that and they would die during shipping. What a cutie
Mine are six days old and they look like yours....same wing development.

Forgot to say.....your new chickies are CUUUUUTE!
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The chick in this picture is just over a week old. At just over 2 weeks old their backs are completly feathered.

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