12 Years
Dec 19, 2007
Brighton, CO
Is anyone a member? Pros/Cons? I need to do something in the way of exercise and I can't get myself motivated here at home. Any input would be appreciated

I didn't care for it. It wasn't high enough intensity. Just didn't do any good for me. I know several people that have tried it but they didn't care for it either. They have them every where so there must be someone that it works for. Maybe one of them will respond.
I was a member for about 2 months. I liked it ok. It is fairly low intensity, but I had pretty good results. I lost inches more than weight, which was fine. The only reason I stopped going was that I changed jobs and it was 30 minutes in the opposite direction..
My wife was a member.

It's just like any other training program You only get out what you put in.

They switched from machine to maching while the stick figure "trainer" spouted motivational encouragements and danced to the music. Sort of like an aerobics class but with circuts on the machine things.
I had good results, but ultimately, I am allergic to exercise. I found it to repetitive too. I prefer wrangling with a fish or rock hunting for movement. Stick me a gym and I start getting all anxious and stuff.
Thanks guys. I am just so out of shape and my thinking is maybe I need this low intensity to start with. Just wasn't sure how the people liked it or not. I'm tired of looking in the mirror only to sink deeper into the "I can't believe I let myself get this fat" depression

I am a member and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I love that there are only women. I needed to low intensity and as one other poster said, you only get out of it, what you get into it. If you flail around on the boards and really put a LOT of effort into the weights, you will get a huge reward. I love that it only takes 30 minutes and if your local curves has the smart keys you will get instant detailed feedback at the end of every workout. It will tell you exactly how many calories you burned, how much energy for EACH muscle group individually was used and several other things. This keeps me very motivated. The ladies are wonderful and you will make lots of new friends. And once or twice a week we go the reverse direction and every 2 months or so they change the order of the machines.

All that being said, if you are young and in fairly decent shape to start with, it will only take you so far. You are not going to get a six pack from this. So if that is what you are looking for. This is not the place. If you are out of shape, do it for a year, get back in shape and then go blow the big bucks and join a gym to continue.

It is a GREAT place to start getting into shape!
I've heard good things about it... Maybe someday i'll get motivated enough to try it out. I'd go there before any other gym...
Well, I'm 44 (and a 1/2) UUGGHHH!! and I feel like I'm much older
. I'm pretty much past the 6 pack dream but just to get a bit healthier, lose some of this FAT around the middle
and tone up a bit
would be GREAT for me. The life stresses have taken their toll and enough is enough . Time to get up off the couch and do something about it
. So this sounds like it might be a good place for me to start.
If you have Health Advantage they will waive the joining fee for you. I was thinking aobut joining but am having good luck walking at an indoor track my town has.

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