CUSTOM EGG CARTON LABELS have arrived! Check 'em out!

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Oct 18, 2009
Please repost in auction format. Thanks!
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this is one of those..."now why didn't I think of doing that?
" great idea and good luck!
Thanks! Any thoughts on the size, wording or pricing ($5.95 plus s/h for 30 lables).
I am leaving that part up to you. See how it goes and go by the feedback you get. I really wouldn't know myself. Just a great idea.
I already set the price, etc. I was just floating the balloon up to you to see whether it seemed reasonable to you. I guess I'll have to wait and see "what the market will bear."
I wanted to tell you that i saw your ebay listing, and i really like your idea and your cute slogans, etc. I wanted to get some but decided against it because with 5.95 + 2.10 shipping, that leaves me paying about 40 cents per label, which is about 20 % of what i get per dozen. So it doesn't make sense for me financially. However, if i lived in one of those places where people get $5/dozen for their eggs, i would totally do it. I hope you get a great response and lots of sales.
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