Custom made Hanging auto waterer

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  1. Roost-e-Boy

    Roost-e-Boy In the Brooder

    Aug 28, 2014
    For my chicks that are a bit older, I made this 5 nipple hanging auto waterer.


    Can feed many chicks(16 and counting) with water for days!
    Constant "cleaner" water for the little ones by utilizing Gravity! (and it's a food/water safe container, well hopefully, right?..)
    It won't buildup with icky bedding, poo, pee, etc. and won't evaporate!
    The best part is not having to flush out the bedding that settles in the standard ground-bowl waterers 10+ times a day! (from the chicks running around and kicking up the bedding and poo into the bowl, eeeeeewww!)

    It works great! ..Some chicks can't get enough! :)

    ~~ I can easily make these and sell them if anyone is interested.
  2. carynlg

    carynlg Hatching

    Mar 10, 2015
    Very nice! I started my 5 chicks (now about 4wks) on a nipple waterer. Just a rigged one home-made with a yogurt container on the fly, but now that I'm almost finished building the coop I'm looking to make a better/larger solution to keep them in clean water longer. Great job!

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