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    Jan 11, 2010
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    soo i'm kinda mad at my dad. my duckies are MY duckies. all he has done to help is build my pen. then he wanted mallards so i got him some and he doesn't spend any time with them. (but i do) so MY MUSCOVY is laying on eggs now. today he comes home and says ohh i GAVE away 2 of your ducks for FREE. uhhhh excuse me!? uhhhh i am an unemployed student, i need all the money i can get for DUCK food and he goes and GIVES away my duckies for FREE, that's a bag of food right there!!! (my feed store sells 50 pounds on layer pellets for $10.75 [​IMG] awesome!!!) and i'm going to need to get baby food for ducklings before i SELL them. and what really makes me mad is that he's a complete tight wad!!! when it comes to me and my mom he's always like i hope you guys aren't out blowing money all day, also it's been hot and we can't have the air on cuz it "costs too much" uhhh then DON'T give my duckies away for FREEEEEE!! idk why he feels like he owes his co workers (who just make fun of him) and his brothers!! he just lent my uncle $5,000 for a new motorhome after he told me he would lend me $1,000 to pay some stuff off, i never even ask him for it or mentioned it again though cuz he would have yelled at me for not working... uhhh who cleans your house and cleans up after your duckies.. MEEEEEE cuz he said that was fine while i am in school [​IMG]
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    Quote:I am sure your Dad has reasons for doing what he did and does, I did not always agree with my parents decisions when I was a kid, but I was taken care of, had clean clothes, food and life was good. I am sure you don't know the "big" picture when it comes to finances. When you get older and look back this will not be a big deal. Life is too short.
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    That sounds really frustrating. I'd be annoyed, too.
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    You need to sit down with your dad and have a mature talk with him about his expectations for you. DON'T tell us your age, but I am thinking that you are either a high school or college student out on summer break (based upon him wanting you to have a job and your owing $1000). Most parents expect their college-aged kids to be working (or at least trying to find work) when they are not in school. Many expect their high school kids to work during the summers.

    He may have given your ducks away because they cost too much for him to afford (if you are unemployed, he is obviously paying the cost of their upkeep), because he does not like them for whatever reason (it is his house), because he does not feel that you care for them properly (how often do you clean their cages/coops? does he ever have to remind you to feed/water them?) or some other reason.

    I do agree that he should have talked to you first about it.

    As for loaning money to his brother, that is really an issue between him and your mother; not any of your business.
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    OK, you wanted to rant. I appreciate that. When ranting not everything has to have a logical response, decision, reason. Anyone who starts a post with the word RANT in it just wants to RANT!!!

    If you'd posted something that said, My XXX did XXX I need advice, then these well meaning replies with advice and such would be fine... but it's a RANT!!!! Rant on my friend, and ignore all logic that follows it! (of course, no one else knows enough to give truly reasoned replies in most cases anyway IMO)

    I don't usually post my rants in a public place because I don't want advice on how to fix things, or reasons why something happened... I just want to RANT!!!! When you post here, you gotta take what you get though.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    the ducky room
    i'm a college student. we have an agreement that i don't need to work because i have been fighting with my former employers and after a year i will be getting unemployment since i've been having trouble finding a job who understands that school is number one (i was fired cuz they wanted me to quit school) sooo because of this i was told i don't need to work. i clean the pens everyday. i water them everyday. i feed them everyday. no one ever has to remind me about my animals because they are my responsibility. i clean the house for him and my mom. (my mom works too) she is the one who pays me every so often. i work for i don't get things handed to me.

    i just need to say something. i don't have friends so i have no one to talk to. my mom is mad at him for that too. he's been being a jerk lately. idk?

    just needed to vent [​IMG]
  7. Three Cedars Silkies

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    So you aren't working just so you can collect unemployment?

    Sounds like your dad is just being a jerk if that is your agreement.
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    nooooo we have an agreement that i don't need to work since school is my priority. i am not trying to sponge the gov't!! lol but i'm supposed to get unemployment.. that's a whole other story, but NOO way i'm not just not working to get unemployment that's ridiculas!!! i hate people who do that...

    idk? just makes me mad cuz they are mine i pay for them everything they have i have paid for and yet he think it's his right to give them away when i'm making money off of it [​IMG]
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    I know it's frustrating for you. I would have been as mad as a wet hen (pardon the pun) if someone, anyone, gave away something that belonged to me.
    Back in the day, B.I. (before internet) I used to get totally frustrated at my parents; sometimes my dad, more often my mom. I didn't have any place to go and vent. So here's a [​IMG]

    One thing to keep in mind, hard as it is. I am now older, miss my dad every day because trips to Florida to visit him just aren't possible all the time. Haven't seen him since 2007 and worry that I won't see him again except at his funeral. [​IMG] More than anything however I wish my mom was still around to frustrate me, anger me, flat out piss me off and love me. We grow up, our parents get old and when it happens there's nothing we can do to bring back the days; even the not-so-great ones.
  10. lovesduckies

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    Jan 11, 2010
    the ducky room
    thanks [​IMG]

    i know some day i will miss it. i might even miss my mom nagging me and my dad cuz she has OCD and we don't do anything right LOL.

    aweeee i'm sorry i hope you get to see him soon!!!! [​IMG]

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