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What is your daily chicken schedule? I’m wondering, since I’ve never had any personal experience about keeping chickens(only read about it), what time do you feed and water your chickens, what time you let your chickens out, etc.
First I sleep though 3 alarm clocks till I have to get up. :rolleyes:
I usually wake up at 8-9 and let them out. I toss some scratch grains out into their free range area. Then make sure they have food and water. Then do school till noon. After school I go out and visit them. Also many other times I go out by them. At least 5-6 times since I am mostly at home. Around 6-6:30 I collect eggs and lock them up for the night. (They are just locked up into their coop/run area)
My feeder is an automatic non spill so I only fill it every month. Their water I rinse in the morning.
And there you have it folks! :frow
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Oct 22, 2018
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as a very new folk tender i can tell you what my limited experience is with my seven ladies. I let the ladies out at dawn (i naturally wake up early) and give them scratch. They only free range when i can watch directly, otherwise they are in a very large covered run. I use a 5 gallon bucket with chicken nipples so watering is very easy. If you have trouble with them getting into the coop at night, wait until dark and go out with a headlight and grab who you can, as long as a majority of chickens are in the coop they will always return to the area around the coop.


Mar 28, 2017
I have my flocks in a 360 cage so I leave a little food out to snack on first thing in the morning, my climate is warm so their coops are open and many roost outside the coop, but within the caged run.

So they can roam in the run as soon as they desire and I go out early to fill the dishes well, I visit them 1 more time around noon with a snack, then I spend what i call "power hour" before roost with them giving lots of food treats and cuddles.

In the summer it's really hot so I go out every few hours with ice, cold treats, and fresh water so the summer i see them easily 6 or 7 times a day starting at 5 am


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I have an auto door so the chickens are out in the run by the time I'm up. I bring out their food, scoop up obvious poops, make sure there's plenty of water, uncover the dust bath if it looks dry enough. Morning routine takes 5-10 minutes, depending if I waste time picking them up or just watching them walk around.

I do a lot of gardening so I usually spend some additional time just hanging outside the run or throwing in tidbits throughout the morning.

In the afternoon I give them a few minutes on the lawn if weather permits, pick up any eggs, scoop poop again, take out empty fermented food bowls, cover up dust bath. Afternoon takes about 15 minutes which is mostly herding them around on the lawn.

Dry feeder comes out after the chickens are all in for the night.


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I don't really have a set routine. I generally get up and wander on out when I've woken up enough to be safe on ladders, and I give them a bowl of food, check waterers, make sure there's no dead birds in a corner somewhere, and feed/water the pens. During the day I toss scraps as they become available. At night, I collect eggs (some days) change water (if I feel like it) and lock up between dusk and pitch blackness. I can get morning chicken chores done in 15 or 20 minutes if I hurry, faster if I don't have waterers to change. I do have a decent sized flock, though, and goats. 5--10 chickens with easier feed and water systems would be way faster. Oh, and feed and water stations are spread through the yard, I don't keep them in the coop.


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I have a question for y’all:
I go to school at 8:20 AM. Waking up at 7:30 AM... how much minutes should I wake up earlier when I get my chooks?
How many do you plan to get? That has a big effect on how much time you need to care for them.
It’s exponential I suppose.

I have just a handful of chickens.
Their care only takes me 5 minutes in the morning, two in the afternoon and five in the evening.
Plus 30 minutes once a week for a total coop clean out and run raking.

*this of course is only working time, it doesn’t include time I like to spend just being with them.

I’ve got a system and could do it in my sleep.

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