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    May 8, 2013
    I am in a region that has had a lot of rain & yesterday snow (yuck!). I have done the deep litter method by covering the floor of my coop with kiln dried shavings & read that adding leaves is good too. A friend that lives in town gave me the leaves & I spread them in the coop & then realized they weren't 100% dry. It's been so damp here & they bring moisture in from the run as well & I think my coop is very damp. I have more than enough ventilation, but are there any other suggestions for keeping their area dry?

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    I would fluff up and stir the bedding until it is dry enough, so that there is no mold risk.

    Other than that....cover some of the run, to keep it dryer.

    See if any water is coming in through your vents/windows, and if rain and snow is coming in that way, figure out a way to put up awnings or something similar.
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    Quote: Leaves really don't absorb moisture like shavings do.
    I wouldn't add any more of them
    You could also run a heat lamp and/or a fan to speed drying

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