Dark egg yolks?

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    Jun 21, 2015
    My chickens breeds range from Buffs to Easter Eggers to Black Copper Marans. My egg yolks are not as dark and rich looking as I would like, though they still taste fantastic. The girls are fed a very good balanced diet, free range in a very large yard area and are fed occasional scratch and kitchen scraps. I would love to improve the look of my egg yolks to a nice golden yellow to orange. Does the breed of chicken have to do with this or diet only? what can I do to improve the yolk color? Thanks!
  2. Diet mostly. Start by feeding fish meal. That should help but it could result in fishy eggs also feed a few fresh marigold flowers each day which should darken up the egg yokes considerably.
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    I feed purple cabbage and kale to my hens as a treat. it will darken up your eggs. Do not worry the cabbage darkens the poop too.
    Try that? It wont hurt them.

    Enjoy those Chickens and Eggs!
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