Dark Layers of WA. State.


14 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Snohomish, WA.
Who is currently involved in the dark eggs or chicks besides me?
I find it hard to keep up with the demand of Marans in the Snohomish area?
Cuckoo Marans, Welsummers, Barnevelders, Black Copper Marans (in HIGH demand) are hard to find to keep my blood lines true.
Help me help the cause of the birds. Please let us know of your whereabouts. For the people who have recieved chicks from me and those people just want a good DARK egg in there area!
I look forward to meeting some of you and I hope the same.
IE...Welsummers, Cuckoo, Black Copper, Wheaten, Blue Marans and the infomus BARNEVELDERS.
My Intentions: Flood the market to drive the price down!
I need some help though.
Let's do this!
If this is what you want you're in the right place.
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from Renton
Can't help you with Dark Layers. Good Luck

Imp- I find most people in Wa. are pretty dark.

I raise, breed, and show Welsummers and Ameraucanas. I'll be picking up some more chicks from my breeder on Saturday and I'm getting some Barnevelders from him then too. I'm also getting Barnevelders from Christine Cole.

If you do a search for either Welsummer or Barnevelder on BYC with me as the Author, you can see more about my birds and their lineage.

Pics of my birds and eggs are on my website.

God Bless,
I need a couple more Barnevelders. I do have and am hatching now Cuckoo Marans, have a couple of Welsummer laying hens and various other dark stuff that I might be willing to barter if someothers could come my way. To keep the blood right.
I might be able to seel you a couple of chicks. I think I'm picking them up this Saturday with my Welsummers and then I'm getting more hatching eggs in a few weeks.

Send me an email if you're interested.

God Bless,
I hope you received my E-Mail, If not try to get ahold of me.
I will do everything in my power to try and help this breed.
Although I need help from others and your the first peson to step up.
I will be showing some different birds and one Barnevelder hen at the show on the 21st at Evergreen and maybe we can hook up? I find this a good op. to meet some of the people that may have some of the dark layers that alot of people want. I'm trying to drive the price down!!! I will too! it may take some time (6 months) but, I promise good dark eggs or chicks real quick.
Thank you to all that are helping!!!
Doesn't look like I'm going to be entered in the mix.
The leg band threw me off and when I found out it looks like I sent the invoice to late.
The P.O. Box made it so that I could not hand deliver and that kind of piss...........
I willbe there if anyone else is thought?
Wow sometimes it is very hard to do some of the things that NEED to be done, HELP us keep these DARK EGGS pure.
I can not do this alone, But together U&I can will help the cause!!!
Wainting for help!
Call me(360) 863-8045
I have a ton of Cuckoo Marans for sale in Snohomish for $5 ea.
any takers?
360 863-8045 H#
425 232-2116 C#
Mike H.
Some, Copper black/Cuckoo Mixes too!!!
I have six Cuckoo Marans chicks that I am raising right now (because I want dark eggs) and I think four are roosters. I have any extra roosters already promised to a local man who wants them for breeding, so I do think they are "in demand."

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