Dark x partridge brahma questions


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May 10, 2008
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Hello all,

I was wondering... since dark is silver, and partridge is gold, Could you let them interbreed and still get silvers and golds. Or is there other weird genetics going on?

I ask because I would like LF darks, but I notice the gene pool is shallow. Could a partridge roo from different lines later be used to invigorate the gene pool?

Thanks Much,
Yes. You'll get sex-linked offspring too. Females will be partridge, males will look a lot like golden duckwings, but are silver/gold Partridge.

Just make sure your Partridge male is of good type and not vulture-hocked, as some are out there.

If you kept Partridge and Darks, hens and roosters of both varieities together, you will hatch either pure Dark pullets or pure Partridge pullets depending on which the father was. The male offspring of the crosses will look like Golden Duckwings like Illia said becuase they will be split for both silver and gold genes.
So would breeding the split males to a silver or gold female give me more split males as well as giving me some silver only and some gold only?
Yes. If you breed the golden males (one copy silver & 1 copy gold) to a dark female, you will get half pure for silver and half goldens. If you breed to a partridge female, you will get half partridge males and half goldens.

(edited to add--that is of the males. Females will be 50/50 pure partridge or pure dark in either breeding.)
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Yep Split male on Silver hen = half Silver and half Gold hens, half Split and half pure Silver males.
Split male on Gold hen = half Silver and half Gold hens, half Split and half pure Gold males.
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