Darling Calico Bantam Cochin Cockerel


10 Years
May 11, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio
Don't Miss This!! Darling Calico Splash cockerel, 14 weeks old, hatched June 3, 2011. He has Mille Fleur lines and shows beautifully. He has a nice type and might make a nice show bird or for breeding. (No roosters allowed in my area or else I'd keep him.) He has been lovingly handled and very friendly. Just beginning to crow and he sure sounds cute.

Will drive 50 miles to help him find the right home. (Pick up only -- I am not qualified to ship, but if you are in Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky, we can work out something.

If you are interested or would like more information on him I can be reached at either JennyatOldBagNewTricks.com or cal: 513-476-5233.
You don't need to head towards Pittsburgh, Pa do ya

I really want Him.... He is Gorgeous!!!
Hi Billy Jo -- I hope I spelled it right -- It was good talking to you today. Obviously you have dazzling taste in chickens! He's purty!!!

It looks like I'm going to be able to go Saturday, if that works for you. What do you think?

You can message me here -- it's where I am most likely to look. Let me know what you think about Saturday.

I saw your website -- WOW!!!! I am very impressed, not only with all your animals, but they are all obviously well cared for. And you have goats. Just the breed of goat I want WANT!!!! I live in the city -- they frown on that here. Nice website -- I am very impressed.


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