Darn fox got the chickens


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Mar 30, 2008
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I knew that we had a fox around here but i got lazy. the chickens were out the other day and i fell asleep early in the evening. went out after dark to close the coop, went it to check for any late eggs and noticed that i was missing chickens.
I have a 12x12 dog kennel on the front of the coop so that fox had to walk through the kennel, into the coop and nab the chickens. pretty bold animal considering that the dog had been outside until an hour or two before. As i was walking to the house i heard a couple of big squawks in the field and knew one of the missing chickens had just died.

went out yesterday morning and counted, i had lost 5 hens total. took the atv for a ride around and found that in a windbreak by a vacant farm there are 4 burrows. as i was going up that driveway a fox came out of the woods with one of my buff orpingtons hanging from its mouth. we both stopped and looked at each other and then it just trotted into the woods.
i am so psd i want to go dump a gas/oil mix into the burrows and torch them but with the old house sitting 20 feet away i figure my luck would have one of the other exits coming up under the house and somehow or other the house starting on fire.
i know which burrows are active because one has a pile of buff feathers and another silver lace feathers.
guess i will have to carrying the pistol with me whenever i am outside. last year there was one out in the field so i used the deer rifle to pick it off but apparently there are a few more around.
So sorry for your loss.
Dang foxes! We are having a similar problem. A few weeks ago ine of our hens went missing, the next day I was in the run and spotted him. We put out a trap and after about a week we caught him!

I had hoped that had taken care of the problem, but this morning another hen was gone
It is the same as last time. No traces just vanished. Guess we are putting the trap back out!
Have you tried fumigating the active dens? I've never done this but my father used to do it to the rather extensive woodchuck burrows behind our house. It was fairly effective, I recall. I just Googled "fox den fumigants" and there is a ton of info on it.
Good luck. Sorry about your losses.

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