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Hey Everybody,

Really sorry that we were down for a while. The PM Messages table became corrupt in the database and we've been working hard for the past while to try to fix the table.

Unfortunately the PM Messages table was corrupted so bad that we couldn't repair it, so we were forced to revert to our most recent backup which was from very early this morning.

We are VERY VERY sorry that any messages sent and received since the time of the backup were lost.

The good news is that our backup system works GREAT and saves us from any really major catastrophes.

Thanks for your patience as we worked through the problems.
I'm just glad I was able to get it fixed without having to pull in people with a higher pay scale.

It was really tricky because I had to choose between getting the forum back online ASAP or keep trying to fix the broken Messages table. After a while of failed attempts with the messages table I decided to just bite the bullet and restore from this morning. A total bummer to loose the PMs from the first part of the day, but I think the lessor of two evils (the other being the forum being down for much longer).

Again, it sure is great to know that our backup system works so well! The database for BYC is super monstrously huge (imagine indexing 5 million posts, all the messages, and a ton of other data). It is a bear to work with, and we've got a lot invested into keeping it up and running, but it sure helps me to sleep well at night knowing that the "worst case scenario" is almost always less than 1 day's worth of data being lost.

For our techy visitors, here is how I do backups for BYC's database:

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