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Hello again everyone! We are steadying to sell our eggs and I'm wandering about dating them. We have about 25 hens so we get quite a few eggs a day and the fridge fills fast. They go fast but just for safety purposes inwoukd like to date them. Does anyone stamp their eggs? If so what do you use? Is there food grade ink or can you use food coloring?
I wouldn't think its necessary i don't do it and i sell them too. They shouldn't go bad unless they are in there for like 3 weeks or more. People leave there eggs they eat on the counter and after a week they go bad so I wouldn't say its necessary. Any good website that has egg cartons for sale should have stamps too. this should have them...
What many of us do is to place eggs into cartons from the top left, then on down, as the carton sits with the lid open to the left. In the fridge, the cartons with the oldest eggs are at the bottom of the stack, with the newest in cartons at the top of the stack.

When I sell eggs, I pull out the carton at the bottom, and stock the carton I'm selling with eggs from the top left of the storage carton. I have a good enough turn-over that the person buying that carton is getting eggs no more than a week old. But this way I know that the eggs are being distributed from the oldest to most recently laid. This is why I can be certain no eggs are older than a week that my customers are buying.

No extra work involved other than boxing the eggs as you gather them using a system.
Thank you!
I think dating the eggs could backfire....folks will be unhappy "these eggs aren't fresh, they were laid 3 days ago!' things like that.

Eggs in the fridge are good for months. Honestly, months. Fridge stored eggs can start to lose quality after a time, but they don't really do bad/spoil unless they've been there several seasons.
I write the date on my eggs with a pencil. It ensures I use the oldest first, even though I'm quite sure my carton rotation method works. I sell them to coworkers too and they love that they're dated! Mine go fast so they're never older than a week.
I used to write the weight on them too but stopped when they regulated to about 2 oz each.
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