Day 11...I see veins!!


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I have 11 of my own hens' eggs in my bator, that were set on Oct. 26. I just checked them earlier, and everyone of them has veins!! I even saw the little peeps in a few of them. Now how's that for fertility?? I set 11, and all 11 are fertile!!
My 3-yr-old son likes to look for the 'lines' as well. We have a ball candling our eggs! Just keep your
, I haven't had very good hatches lately, my last two were total flops, looked like they quit around day 14...
OOPS!! Either that, or they have been setting for a REALLY long time!!

<edit> I am SUCH an idiot!!
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Are these the first of your own eggs that you've set? If it is you'll find that it's much less stressful than doing shipped eggs, because most of the time most all of them will hatch!! Hatching my own eggs compared to shipped eggs is like night and day. Good luck with them.
No, so far the only shipped eggs that I have set are in the bator right now. But this is the first time that ALL the eggs I set were fertile!
What kind of eggs ya hatching? I just ordered Silkie eggs & I am so nervous.

Yeah, Happy Birthday, mine is the 27th
I am feeling really old lately! & now that my eggs are en route, even older....

I need to check my barn for hidden eggs, I can't find where the 2 bantie girls are laying. Could they have just stopped for now cause of moulting? I think they are done moulting though. UGH! Mama had matched<edited> oops I meant hatched out 15 the end of Aug. Must be she is the only broody one.

Good luck with the hatching Shelley
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Goodluck with your hatch!!

If it was the 27, mine in the 'bator would be hatching now too LOL

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