day 14 chicken egg incucubation. help!!!


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Apr 23, 2013
I have candled my 14 day old was clear,i could see the chick moving .The others almost impossible to see any thing.

Are the others still fertile?

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I had 8 eggs in the incubator and 5 under a broody I candled the incubated 1's at day 7 and 7 of them were like a black smudgy spot and in 1 I could see the veins I cracked 1 of the 7 open and there was no development I cracked open the other 6 and none were fertile so if u can't see the veins they are probably not fertile :)
There were clear veins before does this mean they have died?

I do not have a clue because i have never incubated eggs before!!!!This is my first batch

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