Day 18 Chick Piping/Hatching... HELP!!


May 23, 2020
This is my first time attempting to incubate and hatch chickens so bear with me... I woke up around 5am with the intent of removing the turning plate from the incubator, however when I walked into the room, I heard very loud peeping and one of the eggs was moving! I decided not to open the incubator and test my luck. It has now been 10 hour and I can see the first cracks are on the opposite side of the egg (facing the floor of the incubator). I’m starting to worry that the chick won’t be able to break the shell since the egg will not turn due to the turn plate keeping it in place and the crack being the “floor”. Should I quickly try to remove the turn plate? Or maybe just flip the egg?? Should I just leave the egg/turn plate and see what happens? I have a spray bottle and sponges on hand to increase the humidity if y’all think I should open the incubator. Please offer advice!!

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