1. S


    Hi i found an abandoned duck nest and saw the dead mother next to it so I took the eggs to try to hatch them. I’ve had them for 16 days but I know that they have been alive for at least 23 days because I saw the nest before the mother died. Anyway, there was 6 but now there’s only 2 left because...
  2. L

    Unhatched Unpipped Peacock Egg

    Hello my egg is on day 30 today it’s still chirping and moving but has yet to hatch. Should I intervene or continue to let it try on its own. I took it out to candle and it’s very loudly chirping but not hatched still. Any advice helps!
  3. S


    Hi! I found an abandoned duck nest and saw the dead mom so I decided to take the eggs that were unharmed and try to hatch them. I built an incubator and am doing my best to keep the temperature and humidity right. I candled them and am not sure if they are alive or not. They look like they could...
  4. SouthCoastEasterEgger

    Not sure if something is wrong? Coturnix Quail hatch

    So I've been using the Brinsea Mini II Advance to hatch out 12 Pharaoh Coturnix quail eggs. It's my first time so I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing. Temp is set at 99.6F no humidity sensor is included in this device. Turned them from day 2 to day 14, they came shipped. I candled on day 14 and...
  5. Ducklets1999

    Best incubator/Brooder?

    Emit my 9 year old Call duck has tried to sit this time on her eggs earlier this year, however, she left the nest. She has started laying again, should I leave her again with them and hope she stays or should I attempt to incubate? If so what’s the best incubator to get ?
  6. K

    Candling pics Day 11... are they ok? My first attempt at incubation!

    Hey guys, I have a few eggs that I'm unsure about and would love anyone to gloss over the pics if possible...It's Day 11. I believe there's some massive air cells (detached or saddled?) so they're sitting in incubator pointy side down. Thanks heaps :)
  7. E

    Will this cracked egg hatch?

    I'm on day 3 of incubating quail eggs and just noticed one of the eggs is slightly cracked at the bottom! Can I still incubate this egg? What should I do?
  8. R

    Educate me on crossing and egg colours please 🥚 😊

    Hello 👋! So we have a Cream crested legbar cockerel and various breeds of hens and am very interested to know from you knowledgeable folks what coloured eggs the offspring of these combinations would make please and if they have a name? CCL x Welsummer CCL x Cheshire brown CCL x Bluebell CCL...
  9. M

    Hi! Advice and help needed!

    Hi!, It's my first time incubating eggs and we hit day 22. Out of thirty eggs 11 have hatched and are currently in the brooder. We have only opened the incubator twice so far, once yesterday and once today to assist a hatch. That chick is in the incubator right now and is asleep and breathing...
  10. Justagoose_18

    Candling Eggs

    So I’m on the last few hours of day 17 now, approaching day 18. I candled a few eggs today just to see the progress. When I candle, a lot of the eggs are empty on the bottom/pointy end, or there is a wavy network of veins. However, when I tap the shell, the dark mass moves. These eggs are Easter...
  11. C

    Day 18 Chick Piping/Hatching... HELP!!

    This is my first time attempting to incubate and hatch chickens so bear with me... I woke up around 5am with the intent of removing the turning plate from the incubator, however when I walked into the room, I heard very loud peeping and one of the eggs was moving! I decided not to open the...
  12. L


    Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We’ve had chickens for over a year ❤️ New to hatching chickens (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 15 (3) What breeds do you have? Wyandotte, Silkies, Ayam Cermani, Orphingtons (4) What are your favorite aspects of raising...
  13. L


    Hi guys, I decided to incubate some eggs while stuck in the house and all was going very well up until a couple of days ago. I had ten eggs at the beginning and 3 were infertile so that brought me down to 7. Candling and weighing them showed good development and by the 19/20 th day I heard...
  14. kirkyanne

    Twin Duck Egg Incubation - When to assist?

    Hello everyone. I've had terrible luck with my duck egg hatching. All seem to pass just before hatch or pip. However, some strange miracle is the only egg I have still alive and kicking is this twin egg. Currently on Day 27. So just wondering when the best time would be for me to assist. I...
  15. F

    Can somebody help me determine which eggs are good

    I got 4 eggs, it’s been 14 days since I incubated them. I know two of them are yolkers :( but does the one with the blood ring have a chance of surviving, and also is the other one good?
  16. TT43

    New hatcher needs help Day 18 chicken eggs

    Today is day 18, 6 of the 9 eggs have movement inside (I discarded the other 3). Here is the temp and humidity. What do I do from here? This is my first time. I also included the pic of my incubator. Pictured is egg 1
  17. A

    HELP Humidity and airflow help needed before quail hatch

    Hi all I need to raise my humidity I’ve read all the posts and have baby jars with paper towel wicks in and hand towels and as many bowls as I can fit however still not reaching (only hitting 30% max) I have an in vent and exhaust vent with fans on both to increase air flow. I am concerned the...
  18. Justagoose_18

    Chick dies after hatching

    This morning around 7am, I watched a chick hatch. It’s day 22 today, and I thought everything was ok as it was running around. Another chick was shrink wrapped and I was waiting for the pipped eggs to hatch before helping. The shrink wrapped chick is ok now, but the chick that hatched at 7 am...
  19. S

    Need help with quail eggs

    I am including one quail egg at the moment as our hen stopped all of a sudden and she was only successful with one egg out of 12 so are not sure how far long it is But we saw quite a big chick when candling it and it was moving a lot so a day later we put it in lockdown because we guessed from...
  20. M

    Hatching Problems, Requesting Advice ASAP

    Hello, I've been incubating duck eggs over the past month. They entered lockdown on Friday and I had one duckling pip on Sunday and hatch yesterday (day 28). As I didn't want to disturb the humidity and risk shrink-wrapping their siblings I decided to leave them in there. Unfortunately they are...
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