1. D


    Hi guys I live in Western Australia and am currently incubating quail and chicken eggs. tonight will be day 4. please see the pictures attached Question 1 1) the incubator says 40.3 degrees Celsius 2) the one below it is a hygrometer / thermometer all in one (this sits against the wall no...
  2. Quacking ducks

    Delay incubation?

    I have a friend that is Hatching eggs with her kids as a homeschool project,They started incubating about three hours ago in the incubator. Will it affect the eggs if they delay them by a day and start it tomorrow now after they’ve already been incubating for three hours? they didn’t realize...
  3. lmadeline146

    Missing NR 360 Plug

    I hatched a batch of eggs last year in my NR 360, but since then I lost the red plug that goes over the B port. I’m starting to incubate eggs later today, so I’m looking for a quick solution. I tried using masking tape, but after an hour or so the humidity caused it to fall off. Does anyone have...
  4. ChickaChicka1

    Day 21 no internal or external pips **PICTURES

    Hi there! This is my first time incubating eggs, so I don't really know what to be looking for. On March 2nd, I set 7 Barred Plymouth Rock eggs (they are shipped eggs I got from Meyer Hatchery) in the incubator around 1pm, which makes today day 21. 5 eggs made it to lockdown. The temperature...
  5. T

    Incubator help

    Ok so this is gonna be a bit tricky to explain but I'll try my best. I have 2 incubators (a borotto and a hova) and 2 broody hens (silkies). I feel like my silkie eggs are having a hard time developing in my borotto for some reason. Im curious to test it out by transferring them to the hova. The...
  6. ChickaChicka1

    Tips for hatching shipped eggs

    Hi there! I ordered some Barred Rock hatching eggs from Meyer Hatchery last week, and they are supposed to come sometime next week around Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be my first time hatching eggs in an incubator. I have a Kebonnix 12 egg incubator set up at home. Do y'all have any tips for...
  7. Willow Ridge Farm

    Storing eggs before incubation in cold weather

    I live in a snowy climate and would like to collect some eggs to put in the incubator to hatch in mid March. If I collect the eggs at the end of the day and they have been possibly under 40F for a few hours, has that already killed the embryo? If I collect them and they haven’t been under 40F, I...
  8. Timbers Happy Hens

    Dead egg on hatch day?

    I have an egg from a batch of 6 that hasn’t hatched yet. All the other eggs finished yesterday and I’m just wondering if this one isn’t alive anymore. I finally decided to candle it this morning to check for movement and didn’t see anything. Any thoughts on if I should just call it quits or give...
  9. jahliciyaadaddy

    DIY incubator ?

    Any good suggestions on diy incubators an things that are needed ?
  10. thoeffel1994

    Have any of you ever had khaki Campbell x Muscovy crosses? How common is it? What did they look like?

    How common is it for Muscovies and Mallard-derived breeds to cross? Is it less likely to happen if there is a muscovy drake around? I did not separate my muscovy duck from the khaki Campbell drake, I don't think the drake would have bred her because for whatever reason the Muscovies sort of...
  11. G


    My orpington went broody while i was out of town, my chicken baby sitter let her sit on eggs so when we got back into town we were gonna let her hatch them out. She left nest for 2days straight all were dead except one duck egg. I decided to incubate it, it externally pipped 2 days ago and...
  12. R

    Will my button quail hatch her eggs?

    Is it normal for her to lay eggs wherever and just ignore them? Will she gather the eggs when she's ready to incubate? How many eggs will she lay before sitting on them? Right now she has five eggs in the enclosure, just ignoring then. The enclosure is decently sized and they have a sort of arch...
  13. Z

    Creative uses for the incubator

    Has anyone tried using their incubator to ferment things (yogurt, etc.) in, or as a dehydrator? I'm testing out using my spare incubator (50-60 egg capacity) to make natto black beans in one container, and wildly fermented black beans in the second one (see pics). I'm curious if anyone else has...
  14. J

    Urgent! Day 29 no pipping

    So it's day rocking, no pipping, nothing. The second day of incubation the plug came out so they cooled and we started again on day 3. Could this mean the eggs will just take longer to hatch? Or have my baby duckies died?
  15. J

    Cross breed hatching

    My neighbor gave me these eggs to incubate. She labelled them above. The roo is a Blue Cochin. Does anyone have any idea what these crosses may look like? The 3 I have marked don't look to be viable, but I'm keeping them in for the next week to be 100% sure.
  16. F

    1502 Sportsman Incubator not keeping high humidity

    So I bought the 1502 sportsman incubator a few weeks ago and I have guineas hatching right now. Keeping the humidity up has been a constant struggle, once I finally get it up it goes right back down. My Guinea keets are pretty much all stuck inside the egg due to low humidity and I’m having to...
  17. S

    HELP fire in incubator and brooder room, filled with smoke

    I'm new, so I'm hoping I posted this in the right forum. A couple of hours ago our heat lamp caught on fire and exploded, over our 4 newborn chicks. One died, but the other three appear to be fine. I put the fire out as quickly as I could but there was a ton of smoke. I took the chicks out of...
  18. Diveks

    How long do eggs stay fertile without a rooster?

    So a few days ago we unfortunately lost our rooster. We are not quite sure what happened as he was acting perfectly fine, when checking in the afternoon, we found him dead on top of the eggs. He was the best rooster we’ve ever had and we are not quite sure what happened. Well I would love to...
  19. lmadeline146

    Eggs Hatching on Different Days

    We just got a NR 360 incubator and before I start incubating eggs, I’m trying to plan everything out. My hens are laying 6-7 eggs a day right now and I’m trying to incubate 20. It’s going to take 3 days to get up to 20 eggs, so should I just store the eggs on the counter until I have enough...
  20. alluzivesducks


    Ducky had started to externally pip 24+ hrs ago and made some holes! When i could finally see his beak through the hole i noticed the membrane still covering most of it. I decided to peel back more of the shell and use a wet Q Tip to damp the membrane and move it so the duckling could breathe...
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