1. MoxxyMay

    Incubator out for two hours on hatching day (quail)

    Hi guys, I had four hatch early but none have hatched overnight despite this being hatching day for my little quail eggs. (Day 17 ticked overvroeg day 18 at 6pm so about 12 hours ago now). i discovered on waking that my incubator was off and cold - I must have stepped on the powerboard switch...
  2. J

    Any experienced incubators in Austin, Texas?

    I lost my favorite duck today to a predator. I have about 9 eggs, 3 should be from her, and was wondering if anyone would want to take on incubating some so that I could try to get her offspring(s). I would just want two ducks at the most, so you can keep the rest or we can work to sell them so...
  3. L

    Incubator broke help!

    Hi everyone, Incubator fan broke on day one on lockdown and may have boiled an egg or two. Still have some viable is there any diy trick with a broken incubator to get me through hatching. Have a heat lamp and going through a heatwave if either of those will help
  4. MotherDucker3

    Air pocket in duck egg day 20, humidity issues

    I’m on day 20 of incubating my duck egg. Only one developed out of the 4 unfortunately so I’m very nervous. I’ve been having issues keeping humidity consistently at 55%. It’s usually 60% and then will drop down to like 25-30%. Where I live is very dry so I have to add water a few times a day. I...
  5. F


    I’ve had problems with humidity in the incubator but overall it hasn’t been too bad until now. 9 out of 11 turkeys hatched fine but I have two that are gasping for air, every time they breathe it makes a sticking popping sound which I guess means they have some sort of fluid in their lungs. I’m...
  6. B

    Dead in egg

    We were on day 19 of incubation and the night before the chick started chirping. It was always chirping but then today (day 19) after and hour or two I realized I hadn’t heard any chirping i checked the heat and humidity everything was fine. I thought maybe the chick drowned and couldn’t get...
  7. Ari_m

    Cream Legabar Delaware Cross Results??

    I just got this Delaware rooster and plan to hatch chicks out of him later this summer or next spring. One cross in particular I’d like to try out is my cream legbar hen. She lays a nice blue egg, is a very productive layer, good size, and has an all-around great disposition for free ranging...
  8. M

    Buying incubator for duck eggs

    Looking into an incubator for duck eggs. I obviously want something that will work and not break but I also want to spend around $100 or preferably less as we are just starting out and will only be using it for our own purposes and not constantly having eggs in it. Does anyone have...
  9. M

    Day 27 duck eggs: do these look right?

    Hi guys! This is my first time hatching duck eggs and I'm currently on day 27. All five of my eggs are still alive, with two having broken the internal air sack yesterday, and two beginning to pip. The one with the shell missing a bit began pipping yesterday afternoon, but I'm a little nervous...
  10. B

    My first eggs are incubating!!!

    I picked up 12 Jumbo coturnix eggs yesterday afternoon and put them in the incubator (brinsea mini II EX) this morning. The eggs have come up to temp and the incubator keeps them at 99.5 surprisingly consistently for it being small, as long as I set the incubator to 1.9-2 degrees higher. The...
  11. M


    Hi all I’m a midwife, wife and mama of four kiddies now living in Ireland. Love chickens- discovered their awesomeness when living in Australia the past 7 years and have just moved back to my homeland. Setting up a homestead currently (that is the dream!) with garden/veggie planting and starting...
  12. J

    Chick stuck while hatching

    Help needed! I have a chick that started hatching yesterday, April 10, around 0900 (the initial pip), it started to zip in the evening, now it is the morning of April 11 and no progress. It appears the membrane is drying out, making is more difficult for the chick to emerge. Should I intervene...
  13. EggsNchooks

    Incubators: ins and outs

    Hey everyone, happy Easter 🐣 I’m new to chickens, incubating and brooding. just wanting to know how to start my journey off on the right foot and raise healthy happy chickens. I’d like to buy an incubator around $100. Can you recommend a good trustworthy brand? Is it good to have one that...
  14. 4yearsofchickens

    Looking for Mille Fleur D'uccle and Silkie hatching eggs!!

    Hey there! I was planning on getting some chicks this spring (the aforementioned breeds), and when I went onto the hatchery website, it said it was sold out until June! :barnie :he Soooo....I am looking for good quality (but not necessarily show quality) hatching eggs. I would need them in...
  15. Aaron nassery

    Need help!

    I had a baby chick that had a crack on its shell . The crack was it getting ready to hatch, it hasn’t zipped or anything only popped for a little and I was opening the incubator to fill some water and my little flash light fell on the egg and cracked it. It was a very very light fall and the...
  16. Aaron nassery

    I got a issue ladies and gents that I need your help with.

    I was looking at some incubators and I kept seeing the same ones over and over and I was wondering if any of you guys/girls had any experience with them and if you can possibly tell me your thoughts on them. Which on is worth it? Which one would you buy? How do they hold temperature/humidity ...
  17. Nendei

    Best incubator that works?

    I’m looking for suggestions of the best incubators that are sturdy and work properly from experience. I got an incubator that was faulty last year, killed most of my chicks (43/50 of them died from it) and I’m looking to find something different that (hopefully) won’t cause this again. Pictures...
  18. B

    Hello from Texas

    Hi everyone! I’m new here. I’m a middle age guy that live near Houston, TX. Trying to build up a new flock. Pesky raccoons destroyed my last flock. Incubating new light Brahmas, even bought a cabinet incubator that’s way fancier than I needed. Found one very cheap, need to find a way to build or...
  19. LizzzyJo

    Poll: What do you do with all of the cockerels you hatch or get?

    When you hatch or buy straight run - what do you do with all of the boys? Do you come in with a plan or is every time different? Just curious.
  20. Spicegirlfam

    New to Hatching Eggs

    hi all, In spring I am thinking about buying and hatching fertile eggs due to losing some chickens in the previous year. This will be my first time hatching eggs. I currently have 3 laying hens. I haven't decided if I should hatch them with an incubator or with one of my hens. what do you...
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