1. kirkyanne

    Twin Duck Egg Incubation - When to assist?

    Hello everyone. I've had terrible luck with my duck egg hatching. All seem to pass just before hatch or pip. However, some strange miracle is the only egg I have still alive and kicking is this twin egg. Currently on Day 27. So just wondering when the best time would be for me to assist. I...
  2. F

    Can somebody help me determine which eggs are good

    I got 4 eggs, it’s been 14 days since I incubated them. I know two of them are yolkers :( but does the one with the blood ring have a chance of surviving, and also is the other one good?
  3. TT43

    New hatcher needs help Day 18 chicken eggs

    Today is day 18, 6 of the 9 eggs have movement inside (I discarded the other 3). Here is the temp and humidity. What do I do from here? This is my first time. I also included the pic of my incubator. Pictured is egg 1
  4. A

    HELP Humidity and airflow help needed before quail hatch

    Hi all I need to raise my humidity I’ve read all the posts and have baby jars with paper towel wicks in and hand towels and as many bowls as I can fit however still not reaching (only hitting 30% max) I have an in vent and exhaust vent with fans on both to increase air flow. I am concerned the...
  5. Justagoose_18

    Chick dies after hatching

    This morning around 7am, I watched a chick hatch. It’s day 22 today, and I thought everything was ok as it was running around. Another chick was shrink wrapped and I was waiting for the pipped eggs to hatch before helping. The shrink wrapped chick is ok now, but the chick that hatched at 7 am...
  6. S

    Need help with quail eggs

    I am including one quail egg at the moment as our hen stopped all of a sudden and she was only successful with one egg out of 12 so are not sure how far long it is But we saw quite a big chick when candling it and it was moving a lot so a day later we put it in lockdown because we guessed from...
  7. M

    Hatching Problems, Requesting Advice ASAP

    Hello, I've been incubating duck eggs over the past month. They entered lockdown on Friday and I had one duckling pip on Sunday and hatch yesterday (day 28). As I didn't want to disturb the humidity and risk shrink-wrapping their siblings I decided to leave them in there. Unfortunately they are...
  8. Bcpayne

    First brood!

    My favorite hen, Peach (1 year old), has just gone broody for the first time! Turns out the key to her heart was dispatching our pesky, crooked rooster 🙃 Here's to hoping I can stuff a bunch of blue, copper, and green eggs under her big, Brahma butt! I've successfully gifted her 4 out of 21 eggs...
  9. Chiqualetta

    Cracked egg. Chick was alive 😩

    *sigh* Long story short. Day 26: Momma got off this egg and two others 2.5 days ago, All other eggs were hatched 4 days ago. I whipped up a DIY incubator *tote, heating pad, damp towel and thermometer* as best as I could and put the 3 abandoned eggs in them in. Nothing. I didn’t think the...
  10. E

    Urgently need help!

    Hey everyone. I accidentally left my duck eggs uncovered for an hour. They got down to 19° Celsius. It’s day 22. Will they still be alive?!
  11. A

    HELP! Newly hatched gosling behavior.

    Help! I am completely new here, but reading forums on this site throughout my incubation period was the only reason these babies all made it. So I'm reaching out for help. I had 4 goslings hatch on Wednesday. One egg did not hatch until TODAY! I waited and waited and finally it hatched. My...
  12. B

    Advice needed, duck Incubation fluid?

    Hello, I've owned ducks before, but this is my first hatch. It's now day 29. Temp has been 99.5 up until lockdown, at which point I decreased it by a degree. Humidity has been 55%, until lockdown, at which point I increased it. Candled eggs, and they're all still moving, but no pips. It seems...
  13. R

    Duck Egg Help!

    I have two duck eggs that I found in a nest that was destroyed. I think they are around day 22? and I've had a heat lamp on them for two weeks and keeping them misted and they have been doing well. I can see the babies and veins as of this morning but this afternoon the veins are now starting to...
  14. M

    Duckling premature hatch

    This duck was accidentally incubated with chicken eggs not sure how. So the egg was overdue for hatching but I could see that it internally popped the air sac so I poked a little hole in it. I had already assisted a chiclet with his shell and thought it would be fine to help this one aswell...
  15. C

    Multiple Twins

    All different eggs- 10 days candle lighting. All twins?! They all had movement
  16. chicksonline

    Smelly egg day 21

    There has been this egg I don’t think the chick has been alive for a while in it but I always kept it in just in case today I opened the incubator and there was this awful smell coming from the egg! I’ve had bad eggs before but they don’t usually smell this bad I did the float test and it...
  17. C

    Incubator without temperature?

    So I'm very new at incubating and hatching eggs, but know how to take care of chicks once they're born. I was given an old incubator but there's no temperature gauge. I know the temperature is important, but is there any other way/suggestion to keep an eye on temperature? It also doesn't turn...
  18. MrModina

    Eggs just came in— any start-up tips?

    I bought the Janoel 12 egg incubator and my fertile eggs from eBay just came in the mail. I’m excited to start this. Does anybody have any tips with this particular incubator they could share? Thanks
  19. EnnieM

    Homemade incubator size?

    I’m making my own incubator out of a cooler. 90 chicken eggs. Should to go with the 120 qt, 150 qt, or will I need multiple coolers? Thanks!!
  20. BabyAndPoki

    First Time Incubating

    I have never hatched eggs before but we got an incubator yesterday and I’m wondering if I should clean the incubator and if I should how should I do that? Hatching eggs seem to be really fragile and I’m worried I’ll accidentally kill them. Our incubator holds 22 eggs and is the Harris Farms...
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