Day 18 - external pip noticed at lockdown, now 24hrs no progress


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Mar 23, 2017
Hi guys,

This is my first time incubating eggs instead of letting my broodies take care of everything.

I have a little Janoel incubator with 8/12 eggs looking like they’re growing well. I was candling them at 5pm yesterday (day 18) to remove the ones with no growth and to lockdown. Unfortunately, on my second-to-last egg (bantam phoenix) I noticed it had an external pip and was cheeping! I have some week olds somewhat nearby and I thought it was them.

I hurriedly returned the eggs, making sure the incubator was set up correctly for lockdown. The humidity was quickly up to 65-75% (on my little humidity reader I placed in there) but I’m concerned the damage has been done. Now, 24 hours later, the pip is slightly larger but there has been no zipping. The membrane maybe doesn’t look super dry but I have no experience here, and haven’t opened the incubator since to look closer. Photo is of the pip at 7am this morning, looks the same now.

The chick is still moving and the egg is rocking intermittently. I want to leave it be and hope it figures itself out but I’m worried by opening the incubator for lockdown I’ve doomed the little guy. Is my plan to leave it another 24 hours ok?

Any advice is much appreciated!


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Left it overnight, and this morning we have a little chick! I’m mostly sure it was the same egg, but she’s rolled them around a bit

Thanks for the link, it’s a good source of information!


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