Day 19 and chirping!!! and movement!!


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
im so excited!! i came home and i heard a chirp and i thought it might have just been a squeek from my chair or something but then i heard another and an egg moved!!! this is so exciting!
How exciting! Good luck, and may your chicks hatch without difficulty. I've seen my babies moving in the egg, but no egg movement or cheeping yet. Hoping for it soon, as mine just went into lockdown last night.
We might be hatching buddies, more or less!
haha, thanks everyone! this is the most incredible experience of my life, hands down.
its the most amazing sound i have ever heard!

silver, good luck! hopefully we both have chickies soon!
I know, hatching eggs is so fascinating and exciting! It feels like you're taking part in something truly special.

Thank you! And of course, you owe everyone pictures when your little babies make it out of the egg.
it really is, its a true miracle. the first time i candled them, i was like wow. i get the chance to witness something and play a role in something as crazy as creation!! im video taping the whole thing
tons of pics will be taken!!
omg!!! i was watching my egg, and all of a sudden i saw and heard a peice of the shell break!! we have a pip!!
OMG you saw the first pip! YES!!!! Isn't it the most exciting thing in the world? It almostmakes me want to know what childbirth feels like. ALMOST!
LMAO. i can honestly say it is the most exciting thing! i didnt even see it coming and that, pop! i wish my camera didnt die right before he pipped!

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