Day 20 and I hear cheeping

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  1. She’s out. Had a wee run round and is now resting. Her feet are perfect! I am glad I helped her. The other eggs are showing no signs yet.
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    That was great fun. :ya I came late to the party and it was like watching a marathon of my favorite TV show! I'm so glad the hatching is going so well. Have never done this myself, so I'm anxious to read every detail. :caf Thanks for sharing your experience with us! :goodpost:
  3. 1D4FE16E-F5FF-48E4-9F56-2ED7899DC220.jpeg They seem to be cuddling together. I will leave them just now to get fully dry and move then later.
    I need to get out the house. Now I’m worried there eyes are closed :he It’s maybe just as well this book came today
  4. Ok they eyes are opening. Just sleepy :barnie
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    Congrats with the babies!! Super cute!!
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  6. They’re both fluffy and very active so I’ve popped them under their Brinsea 600 brooder plate. Both curled up in a ball together and i hear lots of little happy cheeps. As I removed my wee rescue chick I saw eggNo 3 has pipped. I am not touching or opening anything now! This is her in picture no 2. I was worried she wasn’t opening her eyes earlier but she’s fine. I will try introducing them to the water later on once they’ve settled in.

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    You opening the incubator with that big humidity in you house didn't hurt a thing.

    What can hurt is having too high humidity in your don't want it above 80% ever.
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  10. It is about 70-75% I had to open it slightly to allow it to settle
    This morning as it shot right up, I had used warm water, got such a shock. But it sorted out pretty quickly. I feel less tense about opening the incubator now I realise the humidity is as high outside as inside. What I do feel is maybe I shouldn’t have moved it’s position.but I’m an over thinker always looking for reasons

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