(Day 21) if i set my eggs at night does that mean they will hatch at night?


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Dec 28, 2013
Im on day 21, its my 1st time incubating there are 13 eggs in the incubator and everything has gone smoothly. Its day 21 and theres been no piping yet. I was just curious if, since I set my eggs late at night, does that mean they will be more likely to hatch late at night?

-- Waiting eagerly
Your eggs could hatch whenever they want! You could have them hatch at night or in the morning, you don't know. Give them a few extra days until they hatch.
thanks so much. I've been reading around but its always nice to have reassurance
I just know I am going to be a nervous wreck. LOL.

I am only on day 13. And I think I only have 10 of 12 eggs viable.

I have only candled once so far, day seven, and will again tomorrow.

Sorry for hijacking your thread.
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  • (Dawnrenae) no problem, I started with 18 (a family friend helped me out) and now im down to 13, havent candled since lockdown, hope theyre all still doing well

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