Day 23-still no eggs


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May 20, 2011
I'm thinking that nothing is even alive in any of the three and the first graders come up to my desk at least 20 times a day asking.....I'm really getting worried....
LOL-look at your title "Day 23-still no eggs"

Gave me a chuckle. I hope something starts happening for you and the kids. I'm on day 20 and can't see or hear anything and it is driving me nuts!
no candling them wont hurt them at all!!!! i try to do it every week just to help eliminate the bad ones....
turn all the lights off and get a GOOD flashlight
hold egg on its side and put flashlight on bottom of eggs u should see a air sac at the big end of the egg....being this far along u might not be able to see veins willl probally just look dark....also while you are candling them tap lightly on egg with fingernail and see if you feel any movement/or chirpping!!!

just because they are late....maybe your therm. was reading the correct temp but it might really be off a couple degrees hence the late hatch, but they should still hatch.... best to use 2 therm's til u get the hang of it....i kno mine is off by 3 degrees but i just left it and kno now i have it set where it needs to be to have an acurate hatch date, but it reads 99 instead of 100 or so....but i kno the difference
I thought it was bad to handle them this close to the end. These eggs came from the mommie about Sat/Sun May 1st. I got them the next night and set them in the incubator that night. Unplugged the incubator to bring to the first grade class the next am (so it was off for about 15 min) then stayed fine at school til this past fri. Brought them home to watch over the weekend :rolleyes:since day 21 was last sunday ish (again 15 min unplugged) and now waiting..Do you think all of the changes were bad for them? Or would all of this be enough to make it happen later than 21 days??
no it should be enough to mess with the hatching.... i would think the temp may b too low thus a late hatch date or they might not be good to start with.... candling is a dure fire way to tell.... ive candled mine and they hatch the next day! actually last week i candled my turkey eggs and i saw him put his wing up over his head to block the light, lol! are the eggs light enough in color to see thru them??? if they are really dark brown, like marans , u cant candle them and see thru! also do u hv auto turners? have u already put them on lock down? what is your humidity?

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