Day 24: Opened. Alive. Put back in incubator. Now what?

are you saying this is day 24? I don't see an internal pip. Is it internally pipped? Do you have other eggs that were in this batch that have hatched?
Yup. My Silkie was laying on them. That's the last batch she gets. Out of two batches of eggs she's now 1 for 15 (it ended up being a rooster). Yesterday I took them away, candled, and stuck in the incubator. What do I do about this one? It is the only one living out of this batch. Will it die?
wet the membrane wipe the blood off or i guess dab the blood, its not ready if theres blood its not ready. wait. after u wet the membrane see if there are any blood vesels left if not look for the beak and open it up right near the beak so it can breath do it rught above the nostril make it so the beak is sticking out just like if it had internally pipped itself
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